Drummers Service is dedicated to creating heirloom quality instruments with the unique sound and subtle refinements gleaned from 150 years of drum making and playing.

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Drummers Service

Snare Drums

All Drummers Service drums are completely custom-made. We work with you to craft a fine, heirloom-quality instrument that you will enjoy seeing and love playing for many years to come.

Various types of wood, rope and finish can be chosen. The drum shells, hoops and leather ears – all hand-crafted – can be hand-painted with personalized insignia.

The Grand Republic

The Grand Republic is the signature drum of Drummers Service, crafted in the tradition of Moeller and Soistman. With a shell size of 17” diameter and 21” deep, the Grand Republic Drum is emblazoned with a hand-painted variation of the Great Seal of the United States. These drums have been played with pride and patriotism through thousands of parade miles and have delighted listeners with their power, tone and beauty.

The Tambour de Provencale

The Tambour de Provencale is a replica of a centuries-old drum from the Provence region of France. It is well known in the orchestral world by the thrilling music of Georges Bizet’s “Farandole.” The Tambour measures 14” diameter and 22” deep, has a double set of tensioning ears and has the traditional placement of two snare strands on the batter head. With its calfskin heads and unusual shell size, it provides a fantastically deep, resonant and unique sound.

Complete Customization

Drummers Service has manufactured countless sizes of drums with all manner of personal customizations – from the simply beautiful to the elaborate. We will work with you to create an instrument that will stir hearts through the generations.